• Understanding The Robo Signing Scandal And How It Affects Your Mortgage

    Have you heard about the Robosigning scandal and wonder how it might affect you if your mortgage, especially if you are looking to avoid foreclosure?
    Robo-signing, a term first identified by consumer and investor advocate Nye Lavalle in 1999, refers to the automatic generation and signing of documents. In the case of the Robosigning scandal, these documents refer to Mortgage and Foreclosure affidavits and documents.

    The result has been that many people may have lost their homes or been threatened with the loss of their homes without their lender having either read the relevant foreclosure documents, ascertained that the bank actually owned the mortgage, and certainly without a notary being present, although a notary seal appears on the relevant documents. This is important because they are requirements for how the system is supposed to work.

    In order to begin the foreclosure process on a defaulting mortgage, lenders must, by law, be able to produce a sworn affidavit verifying that the trust (bank) owns the mortgage in question, and that the mortgage is at least six months in arrears. In fact, at every transfer of property, it is vital to establish a clear chain of title against future claims. If a clear chain of title cannot be established (or is broken) claims may be rendered void, or in the alternative a property may seem to have a clear title when in fact someone has a legitimate claim against it.

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  • The Importance Of Employing A Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

    If you are planning to invest in Atlanta then before you make that final plunge you must get in touch with Andrew Doyle in Atlanta. He is not just a realtor but he is also an investor so he can see things from your point of view. As an investor, he looks to invest in properties that will give him good returns. Therefore, he studies the different markets well and is aware of all the projects that are available and the market conditions prevalent. This is the same knowledge that he is willing to share with his clients so that they too can gain from their investment.

    A Deep Knowledge of the Market Is Required

    There are plenty of ATL Condos For Sale In Atlanta GA, or family residences or town houses, available in different localities. To choose the one that will work for you is not that easy. You need to know the area well or you need an agent who is familiar with the area so he can guide you. A seller too will need the services of a well experienced agent to help sell his property at the best possible price. Market conditions change rapidly and unless you study it regularly, you will not be able to keep up with it, which could lead to some wrong decisions being made. There are many important facts that need to be discussed at length and understood before the final decision is made.

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  • Vertical blinds ensures more light and sound inside the room

    Vertical blinds are found to be one of the ventilated options among the window coverings. When ray of sun is one of the most desirable considerations for the home owner, then these blinds are found to be one trouble-free solution to the light issues. When the appearance of the condominiums is the clean and modern, then this kind of blind gives the perfect solution for easy maintenance. These blinds hang straight and you find it trouble free due to its no sagging or bunching problem like the horizontal blind. You will not find any presence of dust in this kind of blind, because in horizontal surface dust can land and stick. These window blinds are available in the market with light weight option. You can easily replace this kind of vertical slats and you don’t have to weave into anything like the other type of blinds.

    It is known that blinds are found to be one of the greatest solutions for controlling light in the rooms. And in case of vertical blinds , you can have various options for controlling light inside your room. In case of horizontal blind, only when you roll up or down the blind, then only you can get an access to the outside light. But in case of vertical blind, you can allow the outside light to enter into the room by adjusting blind slats perpendicular to the window. So, you have the option of pulling those blinds part or all the way open, which would open the window space, but you will have the option for partial uncovering of the window as well. l.

    These blinds are found suitable for many condominiums and other buildings, where the management can maintain the uniformity between the outside and inside of the window treatment. If you have.

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  • Mortgage Comparison – Why Don’t I Go Straight To A Mortgage Advisor

    When you are looking for a mortgage it always pays to compare the market and see what is on offer, otherwise you could be missing out on a great deal.

    There are different ways in which you could compare mortgages such as speaking to lenders or visiting their websites individually and comparing what is on offer. Or you could save yourself time by going to mortgage comparison website and using one of their mortgage comparison tools.

    Using a mortgage comparison tool couldn’t be simpler, you input your information into the online form and then see what mortgages fit your circumstances, and then compare them side by side, all in one place. Then once you have found a mortgage that you think could be suitable for you just click through to the lenders website and begin the application process.

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  • The Laurels at Cairnhill Singapore

    The Laurels is a 19 story condominium with a 2 basement car park. It is a freehold condominium with extremely prime location at Cairnhill. This condominium is usually of great interest to real estate investors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

    Many Indonesians purchased Urban Suites and ION when it was launched early 2010. The 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms with study were sold out within a few days of its launch.

    Similar to Urban Suites and ION, The Laurels is at Cairnhill road, just a stone’s throw away from Orchard.

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