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  • Tenant Rights When The Landlord Won’t Fix Things

    Is your landlord taking advantage of you? Don’t let it continue; take action!

    Renters are always confused about exactly what privileges they possess as a rent-paying individual. Here, I hope to clear up some misconceptions and let the readers know exactly what they are entitled to from their landlords. Empowered with the correct legal knowledge, renters can confront their landlords and ensure they do not continue to be taken advantage of.

    In order to keep this article applicable to all readers, I will focus this discussion on law common to most states. Please keep in mind that some states have laws that add an extra layer of rights for the tenant. Also keep in mind that I am focusing the discussion on residential tenant law; there are several sources on the internet discussing commercial tenant law.

    Most law in this field is derived from the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (URLTA) and the Model Residential Landlord-Tenant Code. Key to the URLTA is the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment. This means that you, the tenant, will not be disturbed by anybody with superior title (a.k.a the landlord or owner). Breach of this can be either actual or constructive; an example of a constructive breach is when the landlord causes the property to become uninhabitable.

    Oh, by the way, uninhabitable does not mean the same thing as unlivable. The law does not provide strict legal definitions of uninhabitable, but it provides a few guidelines. For example, things like cockroaches, mold, a missing window screen, an unlit stairway, and peeling paint could all potentially be reasons for your apartment to be deemed uninhabitable.

    OK, so the landlord breached this covenant. What now? You have a lot of options.

    Your first choice, in most states, is to get out of there free and clear. While you are normally required to give 30 days notice, most states allows you to move out without telling the landlord or even giving him a chance to fix the problem. Many people have used this little legal clause to help get them out of paying penalties for moving out of the apartment early.

    Second choice: call the authorities. In this case, authorities refers to the Health Department and Building and the Safety Department. This method makes for sweet revenge. Landlords who do not follow building codes and health codes can get slapped with hefty criminal penalties. It’s fairly easy to do this. First, simply call up the County Supervisor’s office with a few key complaints. After this initial conversation, the inspecting group will come out and talk to you; when you see them, hand them a list of all defects you are complaining about. The inspector will write a citation to the landlord and give them a specific time frame in which the landlord must finish all repairs (or else he/she will face monetary and/or criminal charges).

    Another option you have is to repair broken items yourself and deduct the charges from your rent check. This one is annoying in that it requires the broken item to be related to habitability, you are required to first notify your landlord about the issue, and you have to give your landlord a reasonable amount of time to fix the mentioned problems. There is a lot of gray area in defining exactly what a reasonable amount of time means.

    Fourth, you can deduct rent. It is typically hard to find a case when this is legally acceptable. You can only do this if you are living in an illegal unit (like a converted garage) or if you live in a rental unit that currently has a substantial reduction in habitability. A landlord is technically not allowed to collect rent from you in these cases. In some previous legal cases, lack of heating in the winter and exposed wiring were both allowed as reasons for withholding rent.

    Your last possible solution is the most time-consuming, but the most potentially rewarding. Most successful lawsuits against landlords mainly revolve around breaches of contract and nuisance claims. I would suggest you take your case to small claims court (claims of up to around $5,000). Small claims suits are over in about one month versus the several years that a regular case would take. Lawyers are also not allowed in small claims court, so your main cost would simply be the small filing fee, which is usually about $20.

    No matter which of these actions you are considering, it is always a good idea to take 5 basic steps before doing anything. These will make sure that the landlords don’t end up unfairly winning in court.

    1. Call the landlord and ask him to fix things immediately.
    2. Write a letter saying you’re leaving under the state code that permits you to do so (e.g. California uses Civil Code 1942). Also, request an immediate final walkthrough in order to get back your security deposit.
    3. Take pictures of every defect, every room, and the exterior of your unit.
    4. Take notes on what was wrong with each item.
    5. Keep copies of everything, including your rental agreement.

    The key point here is: don’t be victims of a slumlord. Take action and make your landlord pay for his/her wrongs against you! Once tenants are empowered with the information needed to stop landlords from taking advantage of them, landlords will know to stop exploiting renters from their self-established high pedestal.

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  • What Is A Mortgage Calculator

    When you are looking around for a new mortgage a mortgage calculator can be an invaluable tool when it comes to helping you decide which mortgage is right for you. Instead of you having to do all the hard work of number crunching and working out exactly what each mortgage rate and term will mean for your monthly outgoings and the bottom line of your bank account, you can just put the relevant information into the mortgage calculator and let it do the hard work for you.
    High rate, low rate, fixed rate, variable rate all these different factors and numbers, along with your income, its stability, your age and net worth, all of these things are very important factors which most mortgage lenders will look at very carefully before they come to the all important decision about whether or not they are going to lend you money. This means that you need to do the math before you even approach them and work out whether or not you are likely to be accepted by a particular mortgage lender. After all, this process takes time and if you have to go through three or four lenders to find the right one, you can end wasting a lot of time, both yours and theirs. This means you should do your best to lower the odds before you even ask someone to consider lending you money.
    There are so many variables when it comes to looking at getting a mortgage that it can very hard to even know where to start. A mortgage calculator can often be found on a mortgage providers website, for the exact reason that it can help you to sort out all the numbers and work out exactly what it is that you need.
    A mortgage calculator will take all the information that you put into it and compare this to the requirements of that particular mortgage lender for lending to people. Then the mortgage calculator will tell you what products you are eligible for and you can look at the information on them and work out if any of those products seem right for you. Getting this all laid out for you of course takes away half the headache of finding a new mortgage, because a mortgage calculator will tell you whether or not you are eligible for a particular product or not.
    You can also find out from a mortgage calculator how high your monthly payments would be with a particular product. You tell it how much you earn, how much of a deposit you can put down and how long a term you want your mortgage to run for and it will work out what kind of percentage rate you could be offered and use that information to calculate your monthly payments. This information can vary depending on the mortgage lenders policies at the time sometimes you can get a different decision from a human being, but it will give you a very good idea of what to expect and if the number the mortgage calculator gives you right then and there isnt a good fit, then you might as well look elsewhere.

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  • Principles to measure the value of a property

    Both the seller and the buyer of a property are always free to set the prices at their comfort allowing some room for the negotiation. The price of a particular property for which both the parties are agreed is considered to be the best & almost the actual price.

    The value of real estate market is more likely the price that a buyer is willing to pay a seller for a property in a normal market operation. Now this price depends on many factors and there are different principles that are used to determine the value of a property. y.

    Value by the buyer
    A buyer is free to offer any number of attempts to acquire the property and often offer below the maximum price he/she is willing to pay, to give room for some negotiation. Of course, many factors can affect the transaction. Although the seller is under no pressure to sell, the quick decision (and receipt of proceeds from the sale) may tempt the seller to accept an offer price that is less than ideal.

    Value by the seller
    A seller is free to set the price for the property that makes the sale. Often, the price for the property is set at a figure above the price the seller is willing to accept, to give room for any negotiation. Even the price that the seller is willing to accept not necessarily reflects the exact value of the property. Although if the sellers are not the sole owner of the property or if are the real estate brokers, then the value of the property may be increased by few percents.

    Principles that determine the value of a property

    Substitution Principle – The property value is influenced by the cost of acquiring a comparable property, i.e., having similar features design and construction, or functional use, that property is being considered
    Principle of highest and best use – A property reaches its highest value when given more profitable use permitted by the legal framework of the physical environment in which the property is cataloged. Determining the use of a property must be part of any assessment like if it is a residential or commercial property because the appraiser attempts to identify the economic factors that may be more lucrative to the different uses that can give the field at different stages.
    External Factors – According to this principle, external factors can influence property value of it.
    Supply and Demand – The cost of any property will always be determined by the number of other similar properties for sale and its relation to the element number of buyers in the market.
    Balance – A market in equilibrium will tend to have more properties available for sale than buyers. It is said that the uses of the properties are in equilibrium when a sufficient number of offers of complementary types of properties are available, i.e. when the number of housing units maintained in proper proportion to the number of commercial and industrial units offered.
    Change – Give her long life, there are factors that affect the value of the property, whether physical or economic.
    Compliance, progression and regression – the value of a house that is at odds with others in the neighborhood can have positive benefits.
    Growth, balance and decline – The sharp deterioration of the physical effect dictate that all property passing through the aforementioned
    Anticipation – its value is assumed to increase with time
    Improvements – The contribution of an improvement to the property value is measured by its effect on market value
    Law of Increasing and Decreasing Earnings – Improvements that create a proportionate increase in value or greater, to be acting to profit and when no further improvements then it mark the decline. The valuation methods for residential plots can be different from that of the commercial land according to some top real estate brokers.

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  • Hiring office help so you can flip houses for profit

    I began flipping houses for profit with a desk in my two bedroom apartment and a plastic file box. You know those plastic file boxes with a handle on them that you find at Office Max? That was what I was using to start building my empire.

    I had a computer and a copy machine. I found early on that it was a real blessing to have a copy machine. I started with a low end one. Now Ive got a few of them. It was a real great piece of equipment to have. If you dont have one yet, get on it. They are needed in the real estate business.

    I hired someone to do the administrative work because I felt my time was better spent working on the business. I wanted to be making offers on bank repo houses, going to seized property auctions, and working with private lenders. I believed that I needed to be concentrating on what needed to be done in order to run the business. My administrative assistant could work with Quick Books Pro. Contractors could rehab the properties. Other people could be picking up the other responsibilities. So, how do I hire my office help?

    First, I run an ad in the paper for 10 days. I have the resumes faxed over and then I set up group interviews. I interview everybody all at once. What happens is the conventional wisdom says that if Im going to interview somebody I call you in for 30 minutes and have a 15 minute break and then I call you in and have a 15 minute break and then I call you in. Problem of it is you dont show and Im left twiddling my thumbs.

    Going through the interview process is taking time away from my day. Remember, I want to be out making offers and finding repossessed homes for sale.

    If I do it the conventional way, what happens if the interviewee doesnt show up? Now, when I bring someone in that does show up, dont I tell them the exact same thing I was going to tell the no show? Dont we say heres the company, heres the job, heres the pay, heres the vacation, heres the benefits over and over and over?

    I dont do that and I dont think you should either. What I do is I bring everybody in at once. I interview 19 people at one time. How many times do I have to say the same stuff? I want to save time for them and save time for me. After that, I give them three minutes a piece to talk to me. Then I decide. I rate them and I decide whos coming back for the typical long interview.

    So everybody gets here at the same time. Some people are going to pass. Some of these people probably knew they were going to pass right from the first two or three minutes. Yet they stick around out of courtesy for the whole half hour.
    I would imagine that a lot of you reading this have gone through countless conventional interviews. But I have found its a lot better to get all the faces in front of you and once. I can tell my story one time.

    I use a questionnaire with potential hires. I ask them how they deal with bosses or how they deal with other workers. I need to know what does and does not motivate them on the job. I ask them and find out.

    By the time you go through this you get to know the person. Talk to them for a few minutes. Theyre going to decide whether theyre in or out. Maybe they wanted a bigger company. They see that its a very small office and not ideal for their needs. Some interviewees are seeing the set up and saying. “I love this.”

    Tell the group about yourself. Tell them what your job duties are and your pay range. Tell them all at once about vacation, hours, benefits and lunch break.

    Without question, I recommend that you have policies and procedures available so that they will have an idea of what your business is and how you want and expect it to be run.

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  • The Hidden Gem Of Psn Code Generator

    PSN Code Generator that actually works might have seemed like as being a hamster dropped within a jogging controls, repeatedly caught and getting thin air. Anyone? ng looked for a long time along with nights for the working totally free PSN card greeting card requirements turbine. Anyone surely should have stumbled upon a lot on dozens of sites offering totally free PSN codes regarding 2013, and not delivering. Your own wait around as well as frustration will be lastly above. Precisely why put on?big t a person download your freshly launched (within The year 2013) free of charge PSN code generator in which doesn?t need do any online surveys nor cause you to play the world wide web searching for account details?
    What makes PSN Code Generator work?

    That?utes a fairly easy desktop computer program pertaining to Windows operating system centered PC that is very light as well as simple to make use of. Very first, you need to download and install the free PSN code generator first out of this site that comes within .exe file format. When the program will be working, you are able to find the actual sum you need to make, anywhere from $10, $20, $50 Ps3 Circle rules. Strike your button produce and it’ll immediately give you a appropriate, working totally free PSN codes for you to things your own PSN Pocket book with.

    What are the hazards using using the Free of charge PSN Code Generator The year 2013?

    PSN Generator continues to be downloaded along with put in, and properly employed by many people searching for ways to receive totally free PSN minute card rules. But add?t get our expression for it. Many of us highly recommend you be suspicious of any executable as well as installable files an individual download away from the world wide web. Make sure to safeguard your computer with a barrier of solid computer virus along with malware defense scanners.

    Could my own PSN bank account become sacrificed for using this specific?

    It depends. In case you just use it moderately as well as little bit here and there, flying distinct, you’ll be fine. Which?azines how many of us happen to be capable of hack into free of charge PSN codes pertaining to a few months using this exact same PSN code generator (The year 2013 updated frequently to be sure it really is well-designed). You can find of course, greedy people out there who have overused as well as over used it, acquiring their particular accounts suspended or perhaps most severe, banned. Wear?to be one of those people. Training small amounts and be wise about it!

    I’m through (Bare) nation; should i be able to use it for my PSN consideration?

    However, there are not any guarantees that this Free of charge PSN Code Generator 2013 is wonderful for your distinct land, you will be happy to understand there offers however recently been anyone who has noted that the program didn?capital t benefit these people.

    Any kind of constraints on which I will begin using these codes in?

    Zero. PSN codes listing that you’ll produce are identical on the versions you’d have purchased completely from The new sony or another trusted online stores. You need to use the free PSN codes to receive these people, then purchase brand new game titles, video tutorials, music, videos as well as DLC.

    I’m creating a difficulties, help?

    We can’t possibly present tech support for the needs; in any other case, many of us wouldn?to have the time to accomplish something! However you could reply to this ad and we’ll do our best in order to repair the idea for you personally.

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  • Do Mortgage Accelerators Really Work

    Got Mortgage? Yeah, me too. There are around 65,000,000 of us in the United States today, and the vast majority of us cannot wait for those demanding monthly payments to end. Many people are hastening that day by applying the principles of Mortgage Acceleration.

    Mortgage accelerators come in differing shapes and sizes, and perform at different levels. The bottom line is this: If you want to pay off your mortgage, you simply must apply more money to the loan. Preferably, we want to do this in the fastest manner with the smallest amount of risk and the least impact on our lifestyle and monthly payment structure.

    Some acceleration programs provide you with a plan to make small additional payments each month. This is effective in shortening your mortgage term, because additional payments (made to principle only) will lower the overall balance that you owe. That means less interest due. Interest is the enemy. Paying an extra $100 per month can have the effect of shortening your loan term by as much as 4-5 years. The only way to go faster is to apply more money to your principle balance. But how? Most of us simply do not have much “extra” cash hanging around. If only there were a way to find extra money in our bank accounts, we could really accelerate our payoffs.

    So, comes to market a whole new selection of options. It turns out that for over 15 years, folks in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe have been using a system that squeezes more money out of their labors and applies it to their home loans. These people are paying an average of $150,000 less in interest for their homes than the average American. How do they do that?

    What these Aussies, Kiwis and Euros are doing is combining their home loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, and lines of credit to create a new scenario in cash flow. The mathematics are sound and the results are undeniable. It works.

    If you combine your primary checking account with a Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, you can basically use your income to cancel interest in your heloc. This interest cancellation creates cash flow in a sense. This new cash flow creates opportunity for that “extra” money. You can actually use the bank’s money “interest free” much like you would a credit card.

    It is easy to see how, with a little bit of poor planning and bad math, you could get your self in financial hot water here. You need help. So here is where you must be wary. Help means involving someone else. Uh Oh! Red Flag! “Other people” usually means high fees or possible scams. That is a matter of record, after all. And when it comes to your money.Boy, these “other” folks need to be extremely trustworthy.

    So, who can help without busting your budget? Wealthy people have financial planners who they pay very well to watch their bottom line. The typical middle class member can’t afford their fees. So we just throw up our hands, go to work, and live paycheck to paycheck. But we still would like to be debt free and reach financial freedom. So let’s explore the options again.

    Do a search on Google for mortgage accelerators and you will find some interesting things. You will find the Big Boys thereCountrywide, Lending Tree, Quicken, Eloan, GMAC, DiTech, etc. These are the big mortgage companies who already have you in bondage, and now they want to ease your pain a bit with a bi-weekly pay plan or perhaps a nice re-finance package. Refinancing will only make your problems worse in the long run. The extra payment plan was already discussed. We want more.

    Dig a little deeper and you will begin to see other companies there offering other options such as the Australian idea. Investigate these carefully. You want to find the option that is safest and offers the best results. And as for me, I don’t have the time to learn advanced math and theoretical quantum financial physics. I need something that will make it easy. Let’s peel back some onion skin.

    Equity Accelerator is a bi-weekly plan. For one thing, that’s not fast enough for me. They also charge monthly fees and THEY make your payments. Do you want “somebody else” accessing your money? That is a little scary.

    CMG/ Macquarie/ Home Ownership Accelerator: These guys are using the interest cancellation effect of a line of credit. This is good stuff. You can cut a mortgage in half using this system. You have to refinance to their accounts, which may be an expensive endeavor. The way I understand it, your checking, mortgage, and credit line all get mixed together at a variable rate of interest. There are recurring annual fees. If you are saving years and thousands, then those fees are negligible in the end. I still don’t like the idea of someone else being that much in control of my financial situation. This is good. Is there anything better?

    Sydney Financial Group has a program that claims to pay off a mortgage in half the time or less. They, again are combining your checking and savings into one account which is held in a HELOC. They have online software that instructs you to make additional payments every month to your first mortgage company. This rapidly begins chipping away at your principle balance and eliminates very large amounts of interest. Sydney will set up your heloc themselves, and then their $3500 fee is taken out of that heloc to get you started. When I asked them about guarantees, they told me that if I follow the program it will work, but no guarantees.

    United First Financial has brought to market a similar program that is beginning to catch on. They have reportedly spent 4 years and millions of dollars creating intuitive software that combines the best of ideas from Australia and Europe and the American banking industry. Their product, called The Money Merge Account, is a remarkable tool that provides a customized and flexible plan for each user. The user is guided by the software to pay off their 30 year mortgage and other debts in an average of 8-11 years. United First claims that there is no refinancing needed, no increase in monthly payments, and no change in lifestyle. They ran a beta test on 400 homes in Denver, Colorado with a 97.4% success rate. Everybody seems to be very happy with the product. The MMA also costs $3500, and that fee is also suggested to be paid from your heloc, where interest cancellation and cashflow pay for it without any additional monthly payments.

    The MMA does not touch your money and it does not pay your bills for you. The MMA provides a real time financial “dashboard” that shows you where you are headed and also the real cost of miscellaneous purchases and deposits. Every withdrawal , or deposit results in an adjustment to your payoff date. The MMA is transferable to your next property, and all updates are automatic and free of charge. U1st makes a projection of every year until payoff for you, and they guarantee that performance (if you follow the software) or your money is 100% refundable.

    These are all good tools presented by reputable companies. They all have the ability to pay your mortgage off faster, and put you on the road to financial freedom at a faster pace. You will, of course, have to decide which program is right for you, and I am sure that more programs will be coming onto the stage as these ideas move more to the forefront of public knowledge. I will be sure to keep an eye on things, and report on new companies and plans as they develop in this exciting category.

    Finally regular people can have access to a level of financial wisdom that was not available to them before. So, don’t refinance or fall victim to scams that want to have access to your accounts. The time has come for you to take control. These ideas and products are literally transforming families from a pattern of debt to a new paradigm of wealth building.

    Just think about what you can do with your monthly payments when they no longer are required to pay debts. Even a conservative investment strategy will amass huge amounts of cash when supplied with a steady flow of capital, like the flow going out to pay the interest on your home loan this month, and the next, and the next, and the.Don’t let the banks make all of the money. After all, you are the one who works for it.

    Copyright (c) 2007 Marc Rosenbaum

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  • Northeast Ohio Home Builder Dawson Development Group Continues to Build Topnotch Properties

    Northeast Ohio – January 24, 2014. Dawson Development Group, a real estate builder based in Northeast Ohio continues to offer excellent real estate to numerous buyers. The company has a 30-year history of building quality and distinctive homes. If a home buyer is looking for a Northeast Ohio home builder known for their quality craftsmanship, he can consider this company as an option.

    This Lake County home builder utilizes design services that create houses which are truly a sight to behold. In addition, they also use progressive techniques and carefully selected materials that will satisfy any buyer’s desire. They take pride in their creation: a new home for a discriminating buyer.

    Dawson Development Group gives great attention to details. This is seen in the way they serve their clients, from buying all the way through the building process. The goal of this company is total satisfaction of home buyers.

    It is simply their tradition which they have carried from generations to generations. This Geauga County home builder gives much importance on their customers’ trust and satisfaction.

    The company is inviting prospective clients to visit one of their open houses to see for themselves the quality and integrity of their real estate development. It is the company’s way of proving to prospective buyers that they can be trusted.

    About Dawson Development Group

    Dawson Development Group has a number of properties being offered in the real estate market. At present, they have two new developments. One of them is Marshview Landing, a maintenance-free gated community situated in Mentor. The other one is Hillshire Woods, a condominium maintenance-free structure complete with unique features. This development is located at Concord off of Spear Rd. For more information, visit their website at

    Contact Details:

    Adam R. Glade 94 Victoria Court Caribou, OH 04736 Phone: 207-493-1209

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  • Investment Property Vultures Comments On The Influx Of Chinese Property Investors In The U.s.

    The Viceroy, a swanky condominium complex in downtown Miami, gives the impression that the United States is in another real estate boom. The sales office is strangely exuberant. Buyers gush about the glam condos designed by hipster tastemaker Kelly Wearstler and their hotel-like amenities: poolside libations, daily housekeeping and room service food stirred up by a celebrity chef.

    Since January, 262 of the Viceroy’s 372 units have sold. But there’s a twist: Almost 90 percent of the buyers are foreigners. And they all paid cash.

    The Viceroy’s story is playing out across Miami. Individual investors from as far as China, Hong Kong, and Singapore are signing purchase agreements left and right to get in on what they see as one of the greatest real estate fire sales in the history of the United States.

    At one time, these people would have invested in the U.S. stock market. Now they see the opportunity of a lifetime in the nation’s debilitated housing market. The idea is to rent out the properties and then sell them once the economy turns around.

    The math is seductive: Prices at the Viceroy are roughly 52 percent off the 2007 peak. Units once sold for as much $670 a square foot. Today the average price is $319.

    “I have never seen such a high concentration of foreign nationals acquiring real estate,” says a representative of Investment Property Vultures. “Eighty percent of the sales in downtown Miami are foreign-based. This is unprecedented.”

    One of the experts in the business who specializes in bringing exactly these illusive property deals to the Chinese buyers is Investment Property Vultures. Mainly they offer foreclosures and distressed properties but also, government owned properties. Investors anywhere in Asia including China, Hong Kong, and Singapore can contact them via their website or email them at .

    Miami is hardly the only hot spot for buyers from outside the United States. Real estate brokers say they’ve seen a surge in Orlando,Washington, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Seattle, Asians are buying property sight unseen.

    For foreigners with cash, the deals can make them money from day one. David Chuong buys two-bedroom condos for less than $40,000 in low-crime areas. He only picks up units that already have renters. After paying association fees and taxes, he walks away with $300 a month, pre-tax, on each. The deals are now easy to do, thanks to the cottage industry of companies that has grown up to manage virtually everything for foreign buyers, down to badgering renters for the monthly check.

    For the international investor class, the United States’ bloated inventory of homes, high unemployment and weak currency make for an unusually attractive buyer’s market.
    “Never before have all these things come together like this,” says a representative of Investment Property Vultures, a company which helps Chinese invest in international real estate. Chinese buying in places like Florida is on track to double this year.

    “Unless you want to go to Baghdad,” Investment Property Vultures says, “the United States is the best you can get.”

    The trend is showing up in the statistics. In a National Association of Realtors report 28 percent of brokers reported they had worked with at least one international client, up from 23 percent a year earlier. Among those, 18 percent had completed at least one sale, compared with 12 percent in the 2010 report.

    “I was going to invest in the stock market, but I decided to invest in real estate instead,” says John Woo, a Chinese native on assignment in Miami with Pfizer Inc., where he is a regional finance director. Woo paid $100,000 for a one-bedroom in a gleaming new high-rise that he plans to live in for now. “I’m a conservative guy,” Woo says, “and this was more conservative.”

    In past downturns, buying a property in the U.S. was the prestigious purview of the wealthy, but today the market is within reach of the swelling ranks of the global upper-middle class.

    “Their jaws drop. They can’t believe it,” Investment Property Vultures says. “They think these deals are too good to be true.”

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  • Constructing A Home Wine Cellar

    If you have a growing assortment of wine, it may be time to think about constructing a wine cellar. Some time ago the custom wine cellar was scarce; today more and more wine lovers are learning about wine cellar construction or contracting the work out to those who know how to do the job precisely.

    Wine rooms are more than a dark, cool place to hold an assortment of wine bottles. Todays custom wine cellar is a controlled environment where humidity and temperature are regulated to allow wine to properly age without harm to corks, labels or the wine itself.

    There are two types of wine cellars. One is a room that has been mainly made to stock wine in the right environment and the other is a stand-alone unit that mirrors those conditions. A stand-alone wine cellar is not as effective as a custom-built version, but some people like the aesthetics of a small cooled refrigerator over a custom wine cellar. Those who do choose a custom cellar have three simple considerations for proper creation.

    Temperature Control and Venting

    A wine cellar room is used to hold and age the wine in the bottle rather than preserving it at a serving temperature. (A stand-alone wine refrigerator is best for transporting wine out of the cellar to maintain at serving temperatures.) Aging wine is a balance of time, temperature and the chemical reactions that happen as a result of the two.

    Wine should be aged in conditions ranging between 55 and 65 percent humidity and a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take one degree. Wine held at higher temperatures will mature quicker and wine experiences chemical reactions at higher temperatures that destroy the notes of the wine over time.

    In some locations of the country, property holders with basements often find that the environment is right for basic wine storage, but seasonal temperature and humidity variations should be avoided. The perfect storage solution is a custom-built or DIY-construction wine cellar with climate and humidity control using a wine cooling unit to keep the temperature at a steady 55 degrees.

    These units are available in a range of sizes and the dimensions of your wine cellar room will control what size you need to purchase. By no means buy a wine cellar cooling system too small for your room; you most likely will never get a steady, optimal storage temperature and the cooling unit will become overtaxed trying to keep up.

    Wine cooling units require proper venting, and your wine cellar construction plan demands either a hole in the wall to allow venting outdoors or enough vent space to move warm air out of the room. Check the specs of your wine cooling system; most require a venting space at least two times as large as the wine cellar space itself.

    Electrical power is also an issue. Custom wine cellar builders suggest a dedicated power source to run a wine cooling system. Those who choose to use a common power source frequently find the system overloading with blown fuses and other electrical problems.

    Insulation and Vapor Barriers

    The wine cooling unit is only part of your climate control plan for a custom wine cellar; you also need a vapor barrier made of plastic sheeting used on the hot side of the wall. Some people wrap the interior of the wine cellar previous to inserting the insulation, keeping the plastic loose so that insulation can be positioned between the studs in the wall. Wrap the ceiling and the walls, or your vapor barrier will be imperfect. After the barrier is installed, the insulation comes next.

    Good wine cellar building requires the right kind of insulation for your walls and ceiling. For instance, if you are building a 2×6 wall, R19 insulation is recommended, but if you have a smaller wall of 2×4, R13 may be your best bet. (The R designation represents the heat resistance of the insulation.) Ceilings need R30. Custom wine cellar builders should never put in the insulation loose without filling the material into the sections, as this decreases the insulations effectiveness.

    The next step is to install a type of drywall called green board, which is moisture-resistant, making it a bit more expensive than regular drywall. Install an exterior-grade door to the wine cellar and your climate control plan is complete.

    Lighting and UV Exposure Control

    Wine is damaged by UV exposure, which is why the bottles are normally constructed out of dark glass. Avoid installing fluorescent bulbs in the wine cellar room, as they give off UV radiation. Control the intensity by using recessed lighting on a dimmer and avoid shining light directly on your wine bottles for long periods of time. Some wine racks are created with compartments that hide bottles from the light which can help lessen the exposure, but if your bottles are kept in plain view, try to avoid the spotlight effect on your bottles.

    Other Concerns

    Almost any kind of flooring can be used in your custom wine cellar. If your home is large enough for a tasting room to complement your cellar, you may wish to give them both a matching look, but never use carpet and rugs in the cellar area. They simply cant hold up to the required humidity levels without surrendering to mold. Mold growth will ruin your wine, as can any strong odor from chemicals or cheeses. A wine cellar should be used only to hold wine; store food in a separate space.

    Constantly watch the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar with an external sensor or gauge. Never assume that the wine cooling system will always function accurately. A quick glimpse at the external gauge can offer you early notice if the wine cooling unit is having difficulties, or if the unit is showing a faulty readout because of a bad sensor or other technical troubles.

    Building a custom wine cellar may require some attention to the design demands of proper wine cellar storage, however once correctly built, you may realize that your collection grows quickly; its simple to invest more money in wine when you realize it will be stored securely for maximum pleasure.

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