A new city means a fresh start. A fresh start of a city is like a fresh page to start writing. There is no history attached, no pre-existing problems are there and no interior pressure is there. Thus a new city is super advantageous to start a new life. The basic advantages of living or planning to live in a new city are as follows.

Free from political hazard

The first and foremost thing is that there is no political influence in the city, as the city is yet to have any assemblies. Thus no political chaos or political influences goes there in the city. This makes the city a peaceful place to live at and that also heaps to make the dwellers live a free and fresh life without any pressure and binding.

No overpower

The second thing is that no one in the city is living from ancestral time and so no power of long living is to be empowered in the city. This is another reason, why a new city is perfect for the dwellers to live in peace.

All services at same location

The third thing is the accumulation of services. The existing cities has been developed as per need of time. Thus the police station is somewhere, the hospitals are somewhere and the schools, colleges and offices are elsewhere. A new city being a new starter puts all those amenities at the as location, and thus accessing the needful things becomes easy for the dwellers. This is one of the most significant reasons, for which a city developing new is a perfect place to start dwelling.

Power supply

A newly developing ajnara sports city has the full proof support for power supply, as they usually is supported with a substation. Thus stoppage or breakage of power supply in a new city is almost impossible, until there develops a big fault or a national or a state wise shortage of power generation.

Water supply

A new ajnara sports city builds up one or two water treatment plants and those provides the water supply through water tanks. The big water tanks are assigned to serve only a particular phase and thus the water supply is been done in a proper rhythm and with a maintenance of a perfect density.

Low population

A new city is p reallocated with population, ad entire land is distributed in that structure. So rapid population increase is not possible by any means, not at the start and not even a he time wan the city construction is complete. Thus the sparsely populated land and the green belt all around develops an area where the dwellers can move freely.