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  • Vertical blinds ensures more light and sound inside the room

    Vertical blinds are found to be one of the ventilated options among the window coverings. When ray of sun is one of the most desirable considerations for the home owner, then these blinds are found to be one trouble-free solution to the light issues. When the appearance of the condominiums is the clean and modern, then this kind of blind gives the perfect solution for easy maintenance. These blinds hang straight and you find it trouble free due to its no sagging or bunching problem like the horizontal blind. You will not find any presence of dust in this kind of blind, because in horizontal surface dust can land and stick. These window blinds are available in the market with light weight option. You can easily replace this kind of vertical slats and you don’t have to weave into anything like the other type of blinds.

    It is known that blinds are found to be one of the greatest solutions for controlling light in the rooms. And in case of vertical blinds , you can have various options for controlling light inside your room. In case of horizontal blind, only when you roll up or down the blind, then only you can get an access to the outside light. But in case of vertical blind, you can allow the outside light to enter into the room by adjusting blind slats perpendicular to the window. So, you have the option of pulling those blinds part or all the way open, which would open the window space, but you will have the option for partial uncovering of the window as well. l.

    These blinds are found suitable for many condominiums and other buildings, where the management can maintain the uniformity between the outside and inside of the window treatment. If you have.

    shifted to a condominium where window blinds are already installed, then you have the best option for the light control inside your rooms. After adjusting the slats in the right or left direction, you can really direct the light towards the interior walls. If you find the problem of more lighting in a room, then by adjusting the slats more or fully closed to remove the possibility of entrance of the outside light. This kind of blind also maintains the room temperature by controlling the insulation of the heat and cold. Cleaning and maintenance of this kind of blind is very easy. And these blinds also have the insulating effect against the sound.

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  • The Laurels at Cairnhill Singapore

    The Laurels is a 19 story condominium with a 2 basement car park. It is a freehold condominium with extremely prime location at Cairnhill. This condominium is usually of great interest to real estate investors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

    Many Indonesians purchased Urban Suites and ION when it was launched early 2010. The 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms with study were sold out within a few days of its launch.

    Similar to Urban Suites and ION, The Laurels is at Cairnhill road, just a stone’s throw away from Orchard.

    The Laurels was previously ENBLOC and a number of the previous owners repurchased Laurels before its opening launch to the market. Altogether 4 penthouses, 3 were sold before official launch. In addition, 20% of the 1 to 2 bedrooms were reserved.

    The remainder 80% of the 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom with study is still available as of 1st March 2010.

    There’re altogether 45 units of 1 Bedroom, 60 units of 2 Bedroom and 30 units of 2 Bedroom + Study.

    1 Bedrooms are 1st to go because many folks purchase Laurel for its location and its the lowest risk. For those who can afford it, they will go for the 2 bedrooms.

    2 bedrooms + study can also give high rental yield. Expats married that work from home often like these particular type of units.

    Pricewise is starting around $27xx onward.

    Laurel comes with a 50m length swimming pool, tennis court, gym. Maintenance is affordable for 1, 2, 2+study at $300. At good condos, the maintenance fee can go up to $600-700.

    This condo is being marketed in Singapore as well as Indonesia. Expect this to be sold quickly once its released in Feb-March 2010.

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  • Waterfront Areas to Live In Surrounding Charleston, South Carolina

    There are a number of different waterfront areas to live surrounding Charleston, SC. Living on the coast, we have numerous opportunities to live on the ocean, the Charleston Harbor, the many tidal creeks and estuaries, as well as the abundant lakes and ponds that we have here. One of the more popular searches for those looking to purchase a home here is whether the property is on the water, and if it is navigable by boat.

    If youre thinking oceanfront, there are 3 main beaches that surround Charleston. Isle of Palms to the north, Sullivans Island below that, and Folly Beach just south of downtown Charleston. The most expensive is Sullivans Island due to the limited number of homes available on the market. Isle of Palms is also expensive, with large oceanfront homes on larger than normal lot sizes. Folly Beach is the most affordable beach community surrounding Charleston to live in.

    If youd like to purchase a home on deep water or tidal creek, then there are a number of options. Mount Pleasant to the north of downtown Charleston, James Island to the south of Charleston, and West Ashley to the southwest of downtown Charleston. Mount Pleasant is the most expensive of the three, but offers the ability to live on the Charleston Peninsula (large water), or the Wando River. There are a number of fingering creeks off of these large bodies of water that allow for numerous waterfront sites from which to live. James Island is the second most expensive waterfront area surrounding Charleston. This location is close to the beaches like Mount Pleasant, and also borders the Charleston Harbor. James Island has a large number of creeks that make their way through the island, thus making it easy to find a waterfront home site. West Ashley is the least expensive waterfront area of the three, and it borders downtown Charleston and is along the Ashley River. This is a great location for those looking to be close to town, without the price tags of Mount Pleasant and James Island.

    If youd like to purchase a home on a lake or pond, then almost any other area surrounding Charleston will peak your interest. Lake Moultrie is a very large body of water to live on, being 110,000 acres in size. Smaller lakes are also an option, for example on the Goose Creek Reservoir. Many other lakes surround Charleston smaller in size, and even brackish lakes as well (being a mix of freshwater and saltwater). Most of the townhomes and condominium communities also have smaller ponds with fountains or a small pond with ducks, turtles, egrets, herons, Canada geese, otters, etc.

    With all of this water surrounding Charleston, living on the water can become a reality. A saltwater creek in your backyard allows you to fish, boat, and have fresh shrimp and crab legs for dinner. What are you waiting for?

    while many other smaller lakes can be found in most areas surrounding Charleston. After all, were called the Lowcountry for a reason!

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  • Home Sales Do You Really Know the Tax Exclusion Rules

    A single person can exclude up to $250,000 of the gain from the sale of their home and a married couple up to $500,000. However, there are qualifications, rules, exceptions to the rules and special situations. This article outlines the major rules and clears up many misunderstandings.

    First, you must meet two tests: the ownership test and the use test.

    The Ownership Test

    This test requires ownership of the property for at least two of the five years prior to the sale. The ownership does not have to be continuous.

    The Use Test

    The use test requires that you lived in the home as your principal residence for 2 years during the 5 years preceding the sale. Again, the 2 years do not have to continuous. Short temporary absences, such as vacations or spending a couple or months in the summer at the lake, are periods of use. Even if you rent out your home while you are gone, there is no interruption in your period of use.

    The periods used to satisfy both of these tests do not have to be the same. In addition, members of the Armed Services or Foreign Services can choose to suspend these tests for any period they or their spouse is on “qualified official extended duty”. If people become mentally or physically unable to care for themselves or have to go into a nursing home, the two-year use requirement shortens to one year. Therefore, it is possible to qualify without actually living in the home for the required two years.

    For people who have lost their homes to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters, or have had them condemned, a special rule applies. They can add the time they lived in the home destroyed or condemned to the time they have lived in the home on which they want to exclude gain.

    What is a Home?

    A home, for capital gain exclusion purposes, must be your “main” home. It could be a house, houseboat, mobile home, co-op apartment or condominium. Note that if you sell the land on which your home is located, you cannot exclude the gain from the sale of the land. An example would be selling the land on which your mobile home sets, buying another piece of property and moving your mobile home to the new location.

    If you own a vacant lot next to your home and sell it as part of your home sale, special rules apply. If you own a home in the city and a cabin in the mountains, the home where you spend the most time is the one where the tax exclusion applies. There are at least nine tests used to determine your main home if you own more than one.

    The Exclusion

    First, you must meet the ownership and use tests, or fall under one of the exceptions, and have not used the exclusion on the sale of another home within two years of the current sale.

    If you are single, you can exclude up to $250,000 of the gain on a sale. If you own the home jointly with someone else, and each of you files single returns, each can exclude up to $250,000 of their interest in the home.

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  • Popular Benefits that made Condominiums Popular`

    Popular types of modern Philippine housings today are those that can offer Filipinos the kinds of benefits which can make their lives easier and more comfortable. A popular example of that kind of home is condominium. So what made condominiums popular in the Philippines?

    Popular Benefits that made Condominiums Popular Condominiums, compared to other types of modern housing in the Philippines, were only recently introduced in the Philippine market, such as apartment buildings and townhouses, yet condominiums had gained more popularity compared to these types of modern housings in the country. The reason why is because of its many modern benefits that made it unique in the Philippine market.

    Accessibility Like apartment buildings and townhouses, condominiums can also offer the luxury of accessibility which allowed its residents to live in a home within walking distance or mass transit distance away from their workplaces, making it easier and more convenient for them to avoid the usual hassles of morning rush hour.

    Security and Maintainability However, other than just its accessibility to business and commercial districts, condominiums also became popular in the country because of its own maintenance and security personnel. Although there are other types of modern housing that can offer the same benefit to its residents, condominiums were the first types of modern housing that constantly offered such benefits to its residents.

    Facilities In addition to its own security and maintenance personnel, condominiums are also the only types of modern Philippine real estate in business and commercial districts that can offer different popular resort facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and sports complexes to their residents.

    Other than just its luxuries, these facilities can also serve as a means for residents to relieve their stresses from work by swimming, working out, or through sports.

    Condominiums for Families Another reason why condominiums had gained a lot of popularity in the country is because of its flexibility. Other than just the kinds of condominiums which are found in business and commercial districts, there are also a number of condominiums found in the outskirts of Metro Manila, as well as in man popular provinces in the country.

    Because of its seclusion from the city, these types of condo in Philippines can offer residents the environment suitable for a growing Filipino family, such as the seclusion from the city, peacefulness, privacy, security, wide open spaces, as well as facilities that can cater to the needs of growing Filipino families such as recreational parks and playgrounds.

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  • How to Value your Home

    In Economics, “value” is defined as “the maximum price that a decision-maker is willing to pay to obtain a good.” In other words, something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. However, before you give someone the opportunity to place an offer on your property, you want to establish a guideline. You have to come up with a number that feels right, and at the same time, establishes a realistic starting point. Establishing that initial price tag or “value” requires careful research combined with educated guesswork. Lets explore one of the most popular ways to best establish that initial value.

    A Comparative Market Analyses or CMA

    By far the most commonly used method is to contact a local licensed real estate professional and ask them to give you what is called a comparative Market Analyses or CMA. Most real estate agents will do this for free, as a service, with the prospect of earning your business. You have to understand that a CMA is just an opinion, but it will be in the ball park and give you that initial value you are looking for in order to help you set a price point.

    Here is how it works

    In large part, residential real estate values are established by comparables. When a property similar to yours sold for X amount, it can be assumed that your property will be worth approximately the same. So, in order to come up with a value, we pull comps (comparables) we are going to look at three segments of the market: closed comps, pending comps, and active comps. Lets explore each one;

    Closed Comps

    Closed comps are the ones that carry the brunt of the weight in a CMA. They are established, recorded history. It is important to find as many comparable properties as close to the subject property as possible that closed as recently as possible. Then through careful scrutiny, organize them in order of priority. The one that is closest in proximity and most comparable to the subject will carry the most weight.

    Pending Comps

    Next, establish a list of pendings in the same manner as with the closed comps. Pendings do not carry as much weight as closed comps because they have not yet happened, and it is not known if they are going to happen. Also the actual sale price is unknown until it is recorded and becomes public record. The reason pendings are important is twofold; First, they give you an idea of where the market is going. For example, if the pendings are lower in price then the closed comps you could assume that the market is trending downward and vice versa. Secondly, the pendings will soon become closed comps.

    Active comps

    I study active comps to learn about what is not selling. I look for comparable properties that have been on the market longer than average, for clues that tell me why they are not selling. Some need renovation, some back up to major streets and so forth. Im particularly interested in the ones where I find nothing wrong because they indicate that the price is what is wrong. This gives me an idea of what price is too high.

    It is important to know that we are primarily concerned with comparable properties in the same subdivision as where the subject property is located, with the same square footage and amenities and ideally, the same floor plan. If we cant find anything within the same subdivision we can venture out to find the next best thing possible.

    Now that we are armed with all this new information it should be fairly easy to establish an initial sale price. Keep in mind that value is subjective, and it is okay to apply some guess work. As you proceed further down the pipeline, after accepting an offer, the buyers lender will order a formal appraisal.

    The number that appraiser comes up with is mostly the number the lenders underwriter will approve (there are exceptions). If both you and the buyer still agree to move forward with the sale, the appraised value becomes the official value of your property at the moment the sale is recorded. In turn, you are a closed comp.

    If this method is not satisfactory to you or if your property is so unique as to where it is practically impossible to find comparable properties, it is recommended you hire an appraiser and get a formal appraisal.

    Formal Appraisal

    Appraisal is defined as follows: “An estimate of the market value of a piece of property by a qualified appraiser.” An appraiser is the professional who can best give you an accurate estimate. Keep in mind that when a property is appraised by three different appraisers, most likely three different values will result. If money is not an issue, and you want to be as accurate as possible, get two appraisals. If they come in within 10% of each other, average them out and you are good to go. If however, they do not come in within 10% of each other you need to get a third appraisal and average out all three. Be aware that appraisals can be pricy. At the time of this writing the average price for an appraisal is about $300 to $450.

    When you are ready to sell your property and you have established your initial value, it makes good sense to test the market. Put your property for sale at a price slightly higher then what you think is acceptable, you never know.

    Good luck!

    Dimitri Larno
    Associate Broker – Realtor
    c. 602-524-1487 e.
    To learn more visit

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  • Pros And Cons Of Every Type Of Condominiums In The Philippines

    Condominiums is one of the of the most popular types of housing in the Philippines today. Many Filipinos have come to consider living in a condominium basically because of several advantages or benefits that the other types of housing cannot provide. So what are the reasons why condominiums became so popular in the Philippines?

    Why condominiums are popular
    One apparent reason why condominiums became popular is because of its affordability. A condominium unit would usually cost around half the usual cost of a house or a townhouse, ranging from P500,000 Philippine Pesos to P2,000,000 Philippine Pesos. Although not as affordable as renting an apartment, buying a condo unit allows its people to achieve a more permanent residence than that of apartments.

    Other than its affordability, there are other advantages to owning a condominium. However, this greatly depends on the type of condominium. Currently, there are two major types of condominiums available in the Philippines market today. One is the condominium building while the one is a the condominium complex.

    Advantages and disadvantages of condominium buildings
    Condominium buildings are usually found near or inside major business districts and commercial areas. The advantage of owning a unit from a condominium building is that it allows its residents to be within walking distance or mass transit distance to their work place or commercial areas, such as those found in Makati City.

    The disadvantage, however, is that it can’t provide the same luxury which is usually found in condominium complexes. So what are these advantages that made condominium complexes popular?

    Advantages and disadvantages of condominium complexes
    Unlike the condominium buildings, almost all condominium complexes has amenities which are usually not available when buying a house, or usually found in expensive townhouse complexes. Amenities include resort facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, parks and playground equipment. However, the disadvantage of condominium complexes is that most of these are found outside cities, mostly in the outskirts or in provincial areas such as those found in Tagaytay.

    Although this made it harder for residents to get back to the city, especially because of rush hour, it did provide a way for residents to enjoy a life outside of the busy streets of a city. However, according to several philippine real estate experts, there are some condominium buildings that could provide a small amount of amenity, such as indoor swimming pools and gyms.

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  • Folding Adirondack Chairs Three Types Of People They Appeal To

    Some inventions seem so obvious that it’s hard to imagine how someone didn’t think of them earlier. The folding Adirondack chair certainly fits into this grouping. Whoever came up with the idea of a folding Adirondack chair benefited three categories of homeowners described below. The portability of folding Adirondack chairs appeals to these types of people.

    1. A Person Who Lives in a Snowy Location.

    If you find a year without snow to be an abomination, and you expect every Christmas to be white, you probably live in one of America’s colder locales, such as Rapid City, South Dakota, where a year without snow is difficult to imagine. Although snow is gorgeous, it can make some things harder – like achieving a clear driveway, or protecting your patio furniture.

    Folding Adirondack chairs are ideal in snowy areas, since they are so much move around than their non-folding cousins. This is important to people who live in snowy spots, since they must move outdoor furniture into a sheltered area every autumn, and back out into the yard once the last snow has melted away. Unless you like the silver-gray look of rotting wood, it’s unwise to leave your patio furniture out all year long, especially in places that see a lot of snow. (All forms of water, including snow, encourage wood rot.) Folding Adirondack chairs are preferable because they facilitate an easy transference to winter storage. (You can make this task even lighter on your back by selecting folding Adirondack chairs constructed of light timber, like cedar.)

    2. A Person who Loves to Travel.

    If you consider your rent a “freedom tax,” if the thought of being tied down gives you the willies, if you’re prone to hit the road or even move at a moment’s notice, you’re a wanderer who probably finds the prospect of a folding Adirondack chair very smart indeed. This type of person often moves to a new apartment every couple of years or so. A folding Adirondack chair is best for someone who moves often, or who simply enjoys a more mobile lifestyle. Folding Adirondack chairs fit easily into a moving truck, and they’re much easier to move than their traditional, non-folding counterparts.

    3. A Person Who Doesn’t have Much Extra Space.

    Some of us specifically choose a smaller abode, so as to force ourselves to practice Zen-like purging of unnecessary belongings. Others just landed in a tiny apartment or home, and just don’t have extra space for luxurious lounging furniture. If the possibility of adding a regular Adirondack chair to your tiny outdoor balcony or yard always seemed elusive, try a folding Adirondack chair instead.

    Many a condominium dweller and one-room renter has found that a folding Adirondack chair is the ideal way to appreciate a small balcony or yard. Because a folding Adirondack chair can be stored in a small amount of vertical space, it’s perfectly suited to smaller abodes.

    Even if you don’t fit into one of the categories described above, you can understand the value of a folding Adirondack chair. Folding Adirondack chairs are easy to incorporate in nearly any living situation, and they create the same comfort as non-folding Adirondack chairs. Therefore, if you’ve always thought Adirondack chairs were too awkward or large for your home, take a suggestion from the types listed above – give a folding Adirondack chair a try.

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  • Easy Steps To Find The Most Inexpensive And Ideal Condominium Online

    Very costly with restricted living space — this is the way folks understand being in condo units. However this way of thinking is actually old-fashioned, you can find reasonably priced condo units but the thing is that you have to patiently and vigilantly look for it.

    The internet is the top reference for affordable condo units, here are seven simple steps to locate accessible condo units over the internet:

    The initial stage is to write down your condominium unit preferences. List down the number of rooms which you require; a hint would be the number of rooms and the dimension of the unit. Furthermore, you should take into consideration the amount of baths in your condominium. Before you use the web, take note of any other features you desire to have for your condo unit.

    Next is review your budget. Consider if you want to rent a condo unit rather than purchasing one. If you want to buy a condominium unit then you have to precisely indicate the amount of your spending budget. Getting to know all of these beforehand will help you in limiting your search for the most affordable condominium on the web.

    Open a browser, if you opt for Google then put on the search bar “condo for rent” or “condo for sale”. Your search results include URLs to pages or websites which give free online property finder which you may use.

    Pick 3 websites which provide condo listings. Look for a site that has a tool where you may enter your requirements for example number of baths, rooms and the area or the location of interest. Key in your cost range or select from the offered listing of prices. You will be taken to a page with the list of condo units that meet your specifications; list down as much as you can.

    The most common format of online property finder tool is one with drop-down menus; nonetheless, there are various formats readily available on the internet. If you’re not certain how to make use of a property finder tool refer to the site before you utilize one; but you don’t need to get worried since you could do this over and over again. You may alter your preferences to a new selection every time to come up with a more individualized result.

    Make a note of the info about the vendor or the owner of the property so you can communicate with him straight away and list as many condominium as you can. Make sure to obtain all the contact details like the phone number, email, address or the information of the property builder.

    Call the property manager right away. Bear in mind that condominium units get purchased right away and so overtake your competitors and call up or visit the property owner once you could and request a property tour.

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  • Commercial Fitness Equipment Options For A Condominium Fitness Centre

    Condominium living is becoming more and more popular for urbanites. Condo dwellers expect a lot out of their building, especially if they are paying high condo fees. Many buyers are looking for buildings that include a quality fitness centre. Space will be a huge factor when designing a fitness centre in a condominium. Here are 5 essential pieces of commercial fitness equipment that will give the users the best workout in a limited space.
    1. Treadmill
    Treadmills may be the most important piece of commercial fitness equipment that you include in a condominium fitness centre. They are versatile and will meet the needs of many users. Most modern treadmills will offer variant speeds, inclines and programs allowing different users to get different benefits from the equipment. Treadmills are extremely popular so if space allows two or three treadmills are recommended to cut wait times for users.
    2. Elliptical
    Another piece of cardio equipment that should be included in a condominium fitness centre is an elliptical trainer. They offer a low impact cardiovascular workout using both the upper and lower body. Ellipticals provide a smooth fluid motion while still building strength in the muscles. Since the users feet stay in the pedals throughout the movement there is little or no impact on the joints. A good elliptical trainer will have the capacity to vary in resistance making it ideal for new users and athletes alike.
    3. Upright and Recumbent Bikes
    Stationary bikes and recumbent bikes are great for older users or for people who are recovering from an injury. Its also a good idea to offer different types of cardio equipment to give users a choice. Upright bikes are more similar to road bikes so are great for users who enjoy cycling but are unable to get out due to location or weather. Recumbent bikes have a different seat position so the rider is leaning back more with their legs slightly elevated. They tend to be more comfortable than the traditional upright bike for longer workouts. Again if space allows having one or more of each would be ideal.
    4. Strength Machines
    Space keeps coming up time and time again since its something that most condominium fitness centres are lacking. To combat this while still allowing for a good workout, multi-gym systems are perfect. This type of commercial fitness equipment offers the tools for different exercises all on one piece of equipment. Many of the systems on the market even allow several people to use the equipment at one time. Its safe to assume that the equipment will be used regularly by many users so its important to purchase a good quality system that will stand the test of time. Since most condominium fitness centres are unsupervised of safety reasons its better to have a system with pre-stacked weights as opposed to one with loose weights that need to be added on.

    5. Free Weights and Benches
    A selection of free weights, preferably dumbbells starting at 5lbs and working up to 50lbs, along with benches both incline and flat are also an integral part of a quality fitness centre. Free weights are a popular choice for gym users. There are hundreds of exercises that can be done using dumbbells either standing or using a bench. They take up little storage space and allow for adaptable workouts for patrons. You will want to ensure there is enough space around the benches and open area for users to hold their arms out in all directions. Along with dumbbells, kettlebells are also a good choice.
    Setting up a fitness centre in a Condominium isnt that much different than setting up a Hotel gym or Community Centre gym. Think about the demographic of the user, the size of the space and of course the budget. Commercial fitness equipment is a must since it is developed to withstand multiple users per day. Quality equipment doesnt have to cost a lot since there are good dealers of used commercial fitness equipment as well.

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