• Arguments For Building A Second Toilet

    There are many reasons for people to decide to build a second toilet, and here are five of the best arguments for you to consider if it is something you are thinking about:

    1. A second toilet can work really well if you have a spare cloakroom or walk-in wardrobe so long as there is enough room to move around. Cloakroom suites can look great, despite the compact size. It is important to ensure however that you keep your cloakroom suite basic and don’t add lots of shelving units and storage – you want to feel comfortable whilst using it!

    2. If you find there is always someone in the bathroom when you need it, a second toilet is something you should certainly consider. A second toilet will surely cut down on any arguments that may occur over the usage of the bathroom.

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  • Condominium Purchase In Thailand

    Condominium Purchase in Thailand

    Purchasing a condominium in a tropical paradise is a dream for many foreigners who wish to escape the cold winters and the high cost of living in their home country. Thailand offers the foreigner many benefits including beautiful beaches, tasty food, friendly people, world class health care and inexpensive property. Many foreigners come to Thailand to purchase a condo for various reasons: for their retirement, as a second residence or for investment purposes. For those who desire to stay longer in Thailand, the ability to acquire property is an important issue. Many foreigners prefer to reside in a condominium since there is less maintenance involved for the owner. You can simply close and lock the door until your next stay. Projects in Thailand offer 24 hour security so you can feel safe that everything will be as it was when you left. From the perspective of a Legal Advisor, I would like to share with you the process so you’ll feel secure of your purchase of a condominium in Thailand.

    Legal Structure

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  • Why Investing Your Money For A Property In Manchester A Wise Decision Investment Property Finders

    Property investment is one of the growing businesses that most people are venturing into. Many people refuse to realise why investing in a real estate property can give them more benefits than they can ever think about. Here are top reasons why investing a property in Manchester and seeking the right investment property finders in this very minute will be wisest life changing decision you will ever make.

    Capital Gain

    This is the number one reason why most starting entrepreneurs invest in a property. This is because real estate properties will always give you returns in the long run. As the property market value increases with development and renovation plus the additional marketing strategies, you can skyrocket your propertys value up to two to threefold. The increasing value of your property is called capital gain, and this is considered the number one source of cash flow from large businesses. Companies like Manchester property finding services will aid future property owners like you by getting you closer to customers. A survey revealed that about 50 percent of the income of large entrepreneurial schemes come from real estate property investment alone, further revealing that these wealthy businessmen are buying properties every year for future investments. Why not start today?

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  • Commercial Mortgage Loans

    Commercial mortgage loans are integral to the financing of commercial real estate projects. They represent debt secured by the potential or current property owner on a recourse or non-recourse bases to finance the purchase or refinance/cash out the property. Adequate debt acquired at attractive interest rates and terms can increase the investment yield of commercial real estate while simultaneously decreasing the investors equity in the project, reducing risk and allowing more liquidity of investor capital for future launch. Finding a lending source which is favorable to the specific project is crucial and making sure the cost of debt is less than the investment yield to generate a profit, a necessity.

    The process of getting a commercial mortgage loan entails the lender qualifying the property and the borrower to determine financial strength and capacity to pay back the debt. Lenders are not in the business of taking properties for payment delinquency, but generating an attractive interest on their money deployed to investors for their investment activities. This qualifying process is termed underwriting and the financial viability of the project is scrutinized including the potential gross income, down to the effective gross income and the property expenses are scrutinized including all recurring expenses to derive a representative net operating income. The capacity of the real estate to support the debt is important to lenders, it is analyzed and the debt service coverage ratio resulting from the NOI/debt service is calculated to determine if it meets the minimum acceptable level; 1.20:1 is the minimum acceptable for multifamily and 1.25:1 for other commercial properties; however, this can change depending on how the loan is priced and the investor profile variables which increases or decreased the risk quotient attributed to the project.

    The borrowers financial strength, investor experience and credit profile are relevant to the underwriting process, for both the property and borrower are considered. The borrowers net worth, other commercial real estate holdings, liquidity, etc are factored into the decision making in determining if the funding request is approved, disapproved or lender modified because of associative risk. It is the lenders objective to mitigate risk to within acceptable parameters while charging a risk premium, if necessary, and still fund the loan when all underwriting criteria are met. Commercial mortgage loans represent a viable means for borrowers to leverage their capital supplemented by debt secured elsewhere to fund acquisitions and refinancing. When the appropriate leverage is used it creates a fertile environment for profitability. However, over leverage can erode all profits. Lenders usually request property and borrowers financials to facilitate deciding if the request is fundable and how to price the loan. Transparency on the part of the borrower expedites the process and helps the creditability and borrower-lender relationship. Remember lenders are in the business of loaning money, but they need a certain level of assurance of repayment of loaned funds. Whatever borrowers can do to produce this assurance will help to get loan approval.

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  • What Made Condominiums Popular in the Philippines

    There are many popular types of housing in the Philippines today in which many Filipinos can benefit from. Other than the typical house, condominiums have also become a very popular type of housing in the country. Its popularity have even exceeded that of townhouses and apartment buildings. So what made condominiums a popular type of residential Philippines properties?

    What made condominiums popular? According to many Filipinos, condominiums became popular because of its benefits which conforms with today’s modern trends, particularly with its fast-paced lifestyles. This is because most condominiums are found in locations in which Filipinos can easily access workplaces and popular entertainment areas, which is in the heart of a business and commercial district.

    Accessibility Because of its location, residents can enjoy the luxury of living withing walking distance or mass transit distance to their workplaces, allowing them to avoid the usual hassles of rush hour. Its location also gave them the accessibility to popular entertainment or -hang-out- places such as in malls, clubs, or any other popular places.

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