• Typical Tenants in Townhomes and Condominiums

    When it comes to living conditions, people have their own taste and preferences. Of course, most would choose a single home unit, with a backyard and a front lawn with a garage and a mailbox. However, home owners are not created equal. Since they have their work and career in mind, other people tend to live in a space where they are comfortable enough yet live near their offices.

    For most of these professionals, living in a condo unit somewhere near their workplace makes it easier for them to move up the corporate ladder. Besides not being late, they can conveniently go home to their condo unit and change for their next meeting, or even set up an emergency meeting in their condo unit. In addition, they can be closer to their officemates, where they can have drinks after work for some much needed rest and relaxation.

    Potential condo unit owners are also those who have not yet established a big family. Most young couples or newlyweds prefer living in a condo unit simply because it is more affordable than living in a house. Other than that, the condo unit is also easier to maintain, since it only covers a small amount of living space as compared with a home with a backyard and a porch.

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  • A New Type Of Sales Approach For A New Type Of Customer

    The traditional customer call once seemed indispensable to the selling process; the time and expense involved were just a basic cost of doing business. In recent years, however, the business community has come to regard the sales call as an expenditure for which there are substitutes. For many companies telemarketing and direct mail have made the sales call a choice not an inevitability. This is not surprising when various studies suggest that getting one sales person in front of one customer now costs 500 – this cost has trebled since 1983. As a consequence professional salespeople have to be more effective than ever to justify the investment in a face to face effort.

    In essence, we can draw several conclusions and taken together, these findings paint a picture of the current state of the sales environment.

    Customer Focus Creates Competitive Advantage:

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Steel Windows

    It doesnt matter if its a residential or commercial building, steel windows can prove to be a good option. Just like pretty much any product, steel windows have many advantages, but also have their own disadvantages when compared to some other windows. We will use the remainder of this post to explain some of the reasons why you may want to choose steel windows over the other options available.

    Let’s first talk about the brighter side of picture, the great undeniable and incomparable qualities of steel windows:

    The strength of steel is great for making windows. This incredible strength makes steel windows capable of holding larger size of glass panels much easily. Steel is very durable and will last for years and years, a lot longer than the alternatives available, however they may need replacing eventually as the surrounds and the glass in the window are not as durable as the frames themselves! You can buy steel windows very narrow sight lines. There are plenty of different designs available. You can find any type of modern or antique designs of steel windows according to the architectural design of your house or building. They create a beautiful feature on pretty much any property they are installed on. The windows can be painted in any colour to match with painted surrounds which are usually popular in shop windows and also in many commercial properties. Steel windows are good at fire rating. Steel windows are weather resistant. Steel requires less maintanence than some of the alternatives which you could use.

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  • Using Fire Rated Glass Blocks To Create Safe And Stylish Windows And Walls

    If youve got a 60 or 90 minute fire rating requirement and youre looking to enhance the looks of your building as well what product can you use? Answer – a stylish and contemporary option are 60 and 90 minute fire rated glass blocks. In this article youll learn the following about these products:

    The features and benefits of fire rated glass masonry units
    Where to use fire rated blocks.

    The features and benefits of using fire rated glass masonry units

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  • Walter Allen Contracting Custom Home Builders, Vancouver Island

    Walter Allen Contracting Vancouver Island’s population keeps growing yearly with a lot of diversity resulting in increase in buildings, jobs and schools. Builders and Custom builders have become high in demand due to this reason. Some home owners go the extra step to hire the best construction companies to design a custom home for them. Walter Allen Contracting based in Vancouver Island gives an experienced and sleek touch to building and construction. Walter Allen is a custom builder from Vancouver Island Canada who specializes in residential homes, home renovations, building constructions and custom homes. His attention to details gives him an edge and helps him bring customers dreams alive. His construction company comprises of professional employees and specialists who share the same vision and would design according to the customer’s satisfaction. Walter Allen is not just the average construction company but a building contracting company who respects the customers wallet and also utilizes nothing but the best building materials with no compromise. Considering the fact that customers on Vancouver Island and off have desires regarding what they want their custom homes or residential homes to look like with an unequal finance to support what they want to build, Walter Allen building contractor treats all customers the same regardless and designs homes with respect to the customers taste. This master builder also renders renovations services that are flawless. With perfect home designs and quality home building materials, Walter Allen property developers have the necessary experience to give your home a master turn around after being in the residential construction for more than twenty five years on Vancouver Island.

    Walter Allen Contracting http://walterallencustomhomes.com/ Tel: 250-468-7105

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